I have never been asked to review a book before it went to print. After reading this you will probably get a good sense of why that is. You would expect that someone asked to provide feedback on a book would have some foundational understanding of literature, a good grasp of concept and most importantly something of value to add in a critique.

That being said, I have done a fair share of reading and enjoy books of a lot of genres. I tried to use those as filters or comparisons when I read Grandpa Stories. I thought about mysteries, intrigue and even self-help books as a guide. Luckily they all applied in reading this book.

I thought about “ a road less traveled, “ but that didn’t work. This book is all about a road well-travelled and what the author learned along the way. The story invites you to take a glimpse of what it was like to be a child of the 50’s and growing up in a time and place we all have similar memories of. It is heartwarming, heartbreaking and so much a part of everyone that lived through those times or knows someone that did. (that includes just about everyone)

There are so many meaningful moments that I re-lived vicariously through this book. From family dynamics and dysfunction, sports, music, camping, joining the service, work life, the highs and lows of falling and being in love and how that all molds an individual into the person they become. This story has all of that and is peppered with wisdom we can all learn from.

I have known the author James McCann for a number of years. He truly defines what an artist is and what an artist is not. Let me explain that comment. An artist is someone that experiences life through a lens that some of us just don’t possess but has the ability to translate that into something the rest of us can understand. An artist is not confined to a single medium, be it the written word, music or a thing of beauty created when paint and brush comes to life on a canvas. James has all of those gifts. Which might explain why I have none of them, he got my share. I consider James a good friend, and knowing that, he would expect me to provide honest feedback.

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