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Bodyguard From The Future

By H. Jason Schulz

Copyright © 2012 H. Jason Schulz

Smashwords Edition

As Dr. Percy Heinz prepared the final test of his life's work, the Temporal Initiated Matter Establishing machine. He thought back to the circumstances that had taken him down this path of science, invention and personal change.

Percy remembered it as if it were last night. It happened just after midnight some 15 years ago. Percy was on his way home from a friend's house when the event occurred that changed his live.

At the age of 30 Percy lived at home in his mother's basement – although cliché, this fact remained and Percy was the butt of endless jokes. Percy had completed a master's degree in theoretical physics which added to his nerd status. It also didn't help his social status that he worked in a retail store rather than putting his education to use. Percy didn't go on dates with women, but did have a group of friends that like him were socially awkward. The fateful night Percy had spent with these friends playing what some would consider a child's game when he noticed the time. It was near midnight and he was scheduled on the opening the shift. He said his goodbyes and headed out into the chilly darkness of the night.

Stepping cautiously to the sidewalk Percy swiveled his head up and down the street, he tried to see into dark car windows and even looked up into the trees. He was frightened, but couldn't say of what exactly- just that he was. Percy wrapped the coat tight around himself. The coat looked like a blanket draped over his shoulders because Percy was so tall and thin - in fact many times he was described as scrawny so there wasn't an article of clothing ever made that really fit him well. Owing to his build Percy was always timid, fearful of being beat up. Not that he ever had been in a fight but the fear of the possibility was enough to keep himself ever on the look out for possible trouble.

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