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Pinnacles and Pins

The making of Jim

Cover: Donna Casey

Copyright 2012 Joyce Will

Published by Smashwords

* * *

Chapter 1


Beth, attractive, curvaceous, and middle-aged, guided the small purple car into the garage thankful the day was over; she was so tired, tears were not far away. The responsibility of running the business and the long hours were taking their toll.

Blustery, chill winds of late autumn blew leaves through the open garage doorway; they littered the mangled motorbike leaning askew against the wall. Parts of the bike were missing; its handlebars were twisted into a grotesque sculpture.

Bert, the dog, and owner of the car, ensconced in the passenger seat next to Beth, gazed about with grave importance and impatience. He was hungry. Beth’s son Jim had rescued Bert from being put-down after his master died, and in the will, unknown to the family and Jim; a substantial amount of money was bequeathed to anybody who would look after the dog. Some of Bert’s money went towards purchasing the small purple car.

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