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When Shadows Rise

Chapter one

Objects in the Rear View Mirror……

By Lisa Williamson

Sometimes history repeats itself. Most of the time the people caught up in those repetitions have` no idea that they have done the very same actions in a time before or if they had a clue, it was a vague feeling of déjà vu. That was not always so. There are a few, who have noticed the cycles that the world can put a being through. They, if they have time, curse the fates that made them different.

“Persephone,” panted one such being. “Remind me to cut back on the caffeine.”

Her companion let out a sound that could best be described as a snort. “Like that will ever happen.” The voice came from near the ground and any normal human being would have been convinced they were hearing things. It isn’t everyday that one hears a charcoal gray cat speaking in a distinct American accent.

“Looks like we lost them.” Suteko took a deep breath and held it in an attempt to get her breathing under control. Running for what seemed like most of the night had winded her. Though it was clear to look at her that she was in fine physical shape, even the finest athlete would be exhausted by eight hours of being chased through the city streets.

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