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I am an Idea Factory!

The leader’s guide to bridging the gap between new ideas and results

By Ed Bernacki,


The Idea Factory

This book is based on two observations:

1. Many good ideas already exist in organizations: they are in the minds of staff, suppliers and customers.

2. Few organizations have dedicated processes or systems to regularly harness and use those ideas.

It was written with the belief that any organization could become more innovative by using one simple tactic – a regular ideas meeting to solve problems or create new initiatives. This ideas meeting takes can become an idea factory with practice once teams of people gain some confidence in the process. If idea factory meeting are based on trust and a sense of discovery, great ideas are possible. I first saw the benefit of such meetings in my first job. Before long, it became normal to come up with new ideas to improve our services and to launch new initiatives. I strongly belief that this is the best single tactic you can use to become an idea factory. This book will give you enough background and practical recommendations to get started.

After many years of working in this field, I have concluded that there is only one truth about innovation: Talking about innovation and expecting this makes you innovative is about as effective as talking about physical fitness and expecting this makes you fit.

This is particularly crucial for our service sectors. There is far too much talk about innovation today. You will find that this book focuses on ideas and the process of an idea factory. I rarely mention innovation and creativity. These terms have become almost meaningless in today’s business culture. The solution is simple; stop using those terms and find better words (and words that people on your teams will truly understand).

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