Option Three – With a Stranger

Sam Heatherley

Copyright 2012 by Sam Heatherley

Smashwords Edition

The door to the doctor's surgery closed silently behind us. The news that I was infertile, had shocked me to the core. Having tried unsuccessfully for many months for a baby and my wife Sam had tested to be positively fertile, the finger of blame pointed firmly in my direction. An appointment with our local doctor and a sample of my sperm (which Sam kindly helped me produce) confirmed that I indeed was the culprit and irreversibly so. I felt inadequate and useless.

We were both desperate for a child. We’d been married for a little over five years and both doing well in our professions, so we decided that now was the right time to start a family, while we were still both fairly young. But with my infertility it wasn’t going to be quite as we’d originally planned.

All the alternatives were thoroughly thought through. Artificial insemination was pondered over, as was adoption or fostering. Sam herself had been adopted but had sadly never been able to trace her parents, so felt reluctant in going for this route and as for artificial insemination, well, I won’t go into the personal reasons here but, she was adamantly against this.

We both wanted to feel secure in the little bundle of joy we planned to bring up, that he or she came from a good background and would be of good character. What sex they were, did not matter. All we wanted was a healthy baby.

What Sam really wanted was for me to fertilize her, but of course, that was now quite out of the question. Our options looked bleak.

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