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Basil Beast Bear

By Rishi Harrison

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2012 Springwood Emedia

In this mystical land of steep sided valleys, thick deep forests, waterfalls and rainbows, there was a hidden land lush with vegetation and deep forests cluttered with giant, spiky green pine trees. Wildflowers coloured the countryside and their sweet smell was carried on the gentle breeze. Insects and bees hummed along as they carried out their daily duty collecting flower pollen to make honey.

The Towns folk were also very happy and they work hard, keeping their community clean and polished and looked after the wildlife.

This year the summer had been so hot and dry, making everyone so tired and sleepy. In the surrounding hillside you could hear Farmers whistling lazily whilst they tended to their sheep and crops. By mid afternoon, the whole town would be asleep, nodding off on their porches or snoozing in the haystacks. It was incredibly hot.

    However, no matter how hot it got, the children would run and play in the central meadows lands. With cricket hats and sunglasses they would howl like wolves and chatter like crows, as they played cricket in their favourite spot near the river.

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