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Fox & Wolf

A novel


Eugene Woodbury

Copyright © 2012 by Eugene Woodbury. All rights reserved. Published in the United States of America by Peaks Island Press. Smashwords edition. Cover art by Neale Cousland and Dimitar Marinov. Cover design by Eugene Woodbury. Edited by Katherine Woodbury.

Names follow Western convention, with the surname given last. This is a work of fiction. The characters and plot are solely the product of the author’s imagination. Resemblances to any real person or organization should be considered purely coincidental.

Chapter 1

Transfer Student

Yuki Yamakawa sat on the hard oak bench outside the vice-principal’s office. For once, she hadn’t done anything bad to be there. Well, she’d done plenty of bad things, but not at this school. Not yet.

Uncle Hiroki had dropped her off that morning and introduced her to the vice-principal, who’d assigned her a homeroom class. Now Yuki was waiting for her homeroom teacher, like a prisoner waiting for the guard to escort her to lock-up.

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