Granny Apocalyptica

Part One: Outbreak

Created By

Michael Dean

Matt Keller

Written By

Mel Carter

Copyright 2012 Mel Carter, Michael Dean, Matt Keller

Smashwords Edition


Chapter One

In Which There Is A Roommate, A Grandson, And A Probable Level Of Assassination Success

It was quite the average Tuesday at Paul Pendleton’s Retirement Home for the Pentagon’s Finest. In fact, it was as average as a day could be if one has spent a lifetime employed by a covert government agency. And if one has not, well, it was most likely an average day for them as well.

Seated in her rocking chair in the corner of her cozy little bedroom, Granny McGee was knitting. It was a pleasant activity, what with all the poking and looping and tugging. Besides, Granny was a firm believer that it was never a waste of time to become adept at wielding something, especially if it was sharp and potentially deadly.

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