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You're Going to Die Out There

an account of some of my times in the Northwest.


David Andrew Gurz

Copyright 2012 David Andrew Gurz

Smashwords edition

This ebook is technically licensed for your personal enjoyment only. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. No one is going to come take away your birthday, however, or anything-if you share it.. Really, it's not like a major problem I freak out about at all. If you're going to share it I'm cool with that anyway, and a license statement shouldn't make a whit of difference. If you’re reading this book and did not purchase it, you can go to and buy a copy if you think it's worth a buck ninety nine. It's not like I'm dreaming of becoming some fantastically wealthy internet author, but it would be swell to make enough money off of writing to buy a pack of hot dogs or something.

This story all happened. It's like, true and all. The names and places are real. I have no interest in protecting anyone, innocent or guilty, though some of the names have been changed because I just don't want to be a dick. Probably four fifths of everyone mentioned in here has died already or is doing time upstate somewhere.

This account took place a long time ago so forgive me taking some minor license with a few niggling murky areas of my memory. Never believe someone with claims as to the absolute perfect veracity of a story culled from 20+ year old memories she or he says are 100 percent accurate. In the words of the wize old chumavoy, I know the minute details from back then are utterly true and accurate. I made them up myself.

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