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1. "The Royal Runaway"

2. Afterword

3. Excerpt from "Eladria"

4. About the author


Her mother had been gone for months. Eladria should have been prepared for the conversation that followed, but she wasn't.

She knew that something was wrong when her personal maid Zinn appeared in the schoolroom in the middle of art class. After conferring with the teacher for a moment, the kindly, grey-haired maid approached the young princess, who was in the midst of making a clay sculpture: a somewhat misshapen bird. The young girl looked up in confusion. “Zinn, what are you doing here?”

The maid looked down at her and smiled, although it wasn’t a smile that touched her eyes. Her voice was somewhat sad and remorseful as she answered. “Your father wishes to see you in his study.”

“Can’t it wait till I’m finished?”

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