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Strange Dayz

By Roy E Bean Jr.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places. and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously, and resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, business establishments, events or locales is entirely coincidental.

All rights reserved

Copyright © 2010 by Roy E Bean Jr

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Chapter 1

Out of the blue, my pen popped out of my hand. I thought it was kind of weird, but it seemed like no one else had it happening to them so I didn't bother with it. At exactly nine o'clock it hit full intensity. I was standing at the pencil sharpener, with nothing else to do but sharpen my everlasting Bic pen, when it flew out of my hand and embedded itself in a guy’s neck. I looked and couldn't believe my eyes! I looked up from the kid, and saw pens and pencils flying all over the room. One of the kids jumped up from his seat to get out of the room. In doing so he hit the desk and made it start vibrating. The desk jumped and caught seven kids against the wall, crushing them all. With that, everyone in the classroom started screaming and trying to get to the door. I pushed the door open, and got out before the door closed crushing the person behind me, who was also trying to get out. I ran outside, down the walkway and just brushed against a trash barrel that was setting on the sidewalk. In doing so it fell down and started chasing me. I got to the end of the corridor where the poles to hold up the awning were and stood behind one of them. A second before the barrel hit the pole, I ran from it. As it hit, it wrapped itself around the pole making it vibrate. On the other side of the walk, I turned and saw the whole awning lift up into the air, and then come crashing down, crushing the few kids who had managed to get out of the rooms, but were still in the corridor. All I could hear were screams, and cries for help, but I knew I would not be able to get in to help them. Just then a girl, who had been hiding next to the wall, got up to run across the quad. She also brushed against a small trash barrel. The barrel immediately began chasing her. She tripped and fell, and the barrel caught and hit her. To her good fortune it was a new plastic one and just bounced over her and kept on rolling. I ran over to her, helped her up, and ran with her over to a nearby tree. We sat down, leaning our backs against the tree. From the apparent safety of the tree we watched in horror. The few kids that had managed to get out of the rooms had not done so without some sort of injury. Kids were running around with broken limbs, and things sticking out of their bodies. It seemed like everything was alive. Things were flying around, and moving in one way or another. All of the trash cans were rolling around. Each time one would hit something it would make it come to life and move, or simply break apart. The picnic tables in the lunch area got into the act and took flight, smashing into the building. They would hit with tremendous force, sometimes collapsing the building. Other times it would just awaken the building from its sleep to start its own rampage. The shattered tables and bits of building were filling the air with dust and debris. One car went flying over our heads and a minute later we heard an explosion. It sounded like a bomb and could be heard all over campus. Then we could smell burning gas and oil, and the stench of weeds and flesh as the fire touched anything near it. The smell became almost unbearable. One kid ran by us with a pointer sticking through him like a large arrow. He was yelling "Repent, repent, God help me. I'm saved!" And then he fell to the ground dead, but with a smile on his face as wide as the ocean, eyes open staring up into the heavens. Some of the kids were standing there staring at the sky, things sticking out of them. Others, with part of their body crushed, were setting, staring, asking "Except me please, oh please do!" One by one, after they would say it they would fall dead, smiling, staring gazing into, and past the sky. Many looked as though they were concrete statues, stiff, straight, dead. Then there were two more explosions, the stench of gas, and flesh filled the air once again. Blood covered the once green grass. Red was the dominate color, everything was covered with blood, gallons of blood. I could only imagine what a battle field would look like, and this seemed worse. The enemy was anything you took for granted, setting, standing, once quiet and firm was now wreaking havoc. Litter fell from the sky, only to have something else rise up. The buildings were all shaking, like a great earthquake, they came sown with a whoosh.

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