Chapter 9: Supplements

Chapter 10: Journaling

Chapter 11: Compliments

Chapter 12: The Scale

Chapter 13: Exercise

A Message From Bill


Hi! I’m Mary Evans, and this is my weight loss story. I’m not trying to sell you anything. There’s no advertisement, at the end of this little book, encouraging you to buy the latest weight loss gadget or gizmo. I’m simply telling you my story because I feel it would be almost criminal if I didn’t.

Because you bought this book, and for that I thank you, I know that you and I have something in common. Weight. I’ve lost it, and you want to lose it. In this book, I’ll tell you what I’ve gone through in my quest to a thinner me, and how I finally did it. I have a feeling you’ll be able to identify with most of this.

Happiness and self-esteem are directly connected to how we think of ourselves. The happiness of those around us is affected by our own happiness so, not only is your perception of you important to you, it’s also important to everyone around you! Keep that in the back of your mind through this journey.

Do your own research on what I have to tell you. You have the world at your fingertips, through the Internet. Use it! It’s important to your success. I’ll never lie to you or stretch the truth, but you need to verify what I tell you so can take the next step and start transforming your body. The mind is a powerful thing, and this step is one you can’t skip.

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