As he entered the office of student records, he looked in the direction of Katie McNeill, the pretty, young lady who worked at the desk next to the window. He’d remembered her from the year before and had seen her around campus a few times. If he hadn’t been mending a broken heart, he might have asked her out.

The sunlight shone through the open blinds, illuminating the soft waves of her shoulder-length, golden hair. She looked like an angel, but even angels could bring a man nothing but trouble. He looked away before their eyes met.

Her coworker, a middle-aged lady with a streak of gray hair and a nametag that designated her as Mrs. Russell, came to the counter to assist him.

“May I help you?” the older woman asked.

“Yes, ma’am. I need copies of my grades mailed to my C.O. at Fort Dix. Here’s the information.”

He passed the piece of paper to Mrs. Russell. He watched Katie walk to the filing cabinet to retrieve a folder. Did she know how alluring she was in that cream-colored sweater and straight black skirt that hugged her feminine curves? She tossed a polite smile his way and then went back to her desk.

“I’ll take care of this today, Lt. Miller,” Mrs. Russell said.

He didn’t look at Katie again, even though he might have wanted to catch another glimpse of her. There was no sense in pursuing anything with her. Unless his judgment was way off, she didn’t seem like the kind of girl who could have a little fun with man with no strings attached. Katie was the kind of girl a man took home to meet his mother. After his ex-fiancé Louise had torn his heart from his chest and ripped it to shreds, it would be a long time before he went down that path again.

“Now that’s a fine specimen of a man,” Mrs. Russell said. “The kind a girl like you should be interested in.”

Katie didn’t mind admitting to herself, if not to Mrs. Russell, that she could very well become interested in Ron. Besides being tall and well built, he had green eyes and jet-black hair. A pair of cute little dimples in his cheeks did not hurt either, but alas, he wasn’t the kind of man who ever saw fit to ask her out on a date.

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