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We’re getting to the crux of what you want to know; how to be successful. Yes? By now you know that Happiness is the core of Success. And you must know that Success is the progressive realization of a worthwhile goal. Success is not measured in dollars and cents. Success is measured in:



Peace of mind

Good Health

Good Friends

Loving Family

Spiritual Oneness with God.

Bust most of all, success is measured in kindness

Money follows success.

Let’s continue to explore the depths of what you may understand as Success. In this chapter, we will move to the deeper understanding and meaning of Success.

Monthly Affirmation: I have a positive mental attitude, therefore I am a success.

Continued Success

All great men have followed one success, with another, and another. Thomas Edison did not stop when he invented the talking machine (record player). Next, he invented the light bulb. It did not work with his first try; it came on after 3000 failures. Edison said, “I now know 3000 ways a light bulb won’t work.” Did he quit? No, thank goodness, or I would be writing this in the dark.” Edison patented over an additional 300 inventions.

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