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Carol Burnside

Tami Brothers

Marilyn Baron

Lindy Chaffin Start

Linsey Lanier

Pam Asberry

Maxine Davis

Do Over – Carol Burnside

Sometimes, the past merits repeating...

Before she’d finished drying off her morning shower, Sherri Coker’s cell rang. Oh, bother. She secured the damp towel around her breasts and grabbed for the phone before it could wake the boys. The ring tone indicated the caller was her best friend, Melissa Donovan.

“Mel? What’s wrong? You never call this early.”

“Don’t hate me, okay?”

“I could never hate you, though nothing good ever started with that request. What did you do?” Sherri tucked the phone between her ear and shoulder, then smoothed back the beach print bedspread she’d thrown off only minutes ago. Her bedroom oasis was the closest she’d get to a tropical paradise, being landlocked here in Little Rock, Arkansas, with limited funds.

“I didn’t know he was planning to look you up or I’d never have told him where you live. He came into the diner for breakfast and we were having this nothing conversation about my Fourth of July party, y’know?” Mel barely paused for a breath. “Talking about old times and people we’d like to see there. Your name came up and it sort of just popped out that you were living in your parents’ old place.”

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