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Climbing Up to Kaboom

& 4 other tips on

Story Structure

Hilari Bell

copyright 2012 Hilari Bell

Smashwords Edition

Table of Contents

Chapter 1—Lights, Camera, Kickoff

Chapter 2—Foiled Plans

Chapter 3—Rise Up & Commit

Chapter 4—Climbing Up to Kaboom

Chapter 5—Becoming a Hero

Chapter 1

Lights, Camera, Kickoff:

Story Structure points 1 & 2

A lot of advice is given to writers on crafting the first few pages of their story to capture an agent’s/editor’s/readers’ attention. (For my version of that advice, check out my writing tip: Doghouse on Malibu Beach.) Far less has been written about what comes after those first few pages. The Story Structure series of writing tips is my take on all the major structure points that every novel needs—nine points, in all. The first two points are the ones that comprise, not the first few pages, but the structural beginning of the story. And a good structural beginning depends on how you arrange and balance two elements: the establishing shot, and the inciting incident.

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