Elandria, “Ellie” Weaver rolled her eyes as the last few costumed children walked past her shabbily constructed wooden booth that served as station twenty- one on the Midpark Zoo trick or treat trail. For the last several hours a multitude of children and adults had sauntered along the trail, greedy hands holding open bags while begging for candy. Witches, super heroes and vampires had crossed her booth with their parents in tow, more often than not whining about their tired feet or heavy, candy filled bag. She wanted to slap half of them, take their bags and toss the contents into the small wooded stretch of forest behind her. Her booth was the last of the trail and by the time that most families reached her they kids were cranky and the moms were bitchy. Most of the dads still had enough energy to stare down the front of her princess costume though, leering at her chest as they walked by only to quickly turn away when Ellie’s eyes met theirs. In truth, the Snow White costume could have been a bit less revealing, but she was happy to flaunt the gifts she’d been given and Ellie was well aware her chest wouldn’t look perfect forever. The skirt was too short to be considered appropriate for volunteering at the zoo as well, but a pair of while leggings served to keep the stiffs running the Halloween event off of her back about the outfit.

. This was Ellie’s fourth year of volunteering for the Midpark Zoo’s self- titled Spook-tacular. Agreeing to hand out candy to screaming kids wasn’t her idea of fun, but during her freshman year of college one of the older girls had convinced her to come along on Halloween night, promising a night of activities better than any drunken frat party. On a whim, Ellie had decided to go along with it and had never regretted the decision. Several of the girls volunteering the event had put together an after hours scavenger hunt throughout the abandoned zoo, searching for hidden bottles of booze among the sounds of the caged animals and the rustling of the fallen leaves. Since that first year, she’d continued to volunteer for the event on the promise of attending the after hours bash.

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