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The Yellow Bus (18 Jun. 11) Eddie Matikiti


I see a yellow bus from a distance. The bus is very noticeable because of its catchy bright yellow and its systematic flow in traffic heading out for a far destination. There are people in this bus. The time on the clock is nine o’clock and this is a sunny winter Saturday. There are many people from different walks of life represented in the bus. Many situations and stories are also represented here. Some stories are good and some are bad. Some are funny, others not so and some are hopeful. There is a varied array of emotions there; joy, sadness, tranquillity, confidence, fear, uncertainty, optimism, dismay and hope. The bus is moving steadily along and progressively pursues its route out of the city. The weather is nice and perfect for a winter morning, the sun is discreet and warmly blows over the winter wind to create a perfect blend atmosphere.

Movement is a good thing in all aspects of life. Movement reveals direction and is a definite sign of life. Life is a journey where people are always moving. People track their progress by how they have moved over time. Movement is an active orientation towards a desired destination and it brings hope of a good future ahead. Where there is movement there is hope and where there is hope there is life. All is calm in the bus because it moves but you see heads turning where it slows down and even stops. People have an inert need for constant movement and progress.

A story is in the making, a routine is being maintained, and a new course is being birthed. All the people in the yellow bus are moving with the bus. The bus is moving people from varied backgrounds and experiences taking each of them to a different and distinct destination. Some destinations are happy, some are hopeful and some are vague. All the same they are destinations and everyone is moving towards them.

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