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We all want to be healthy. We will take a look at health not only in the physical level, but in the spiritual level, as well. Spirit is the source of health. We will discover:

1. Humankind is a spirit (soul) with a body.

2. This spirit is God.

3. This spirit is perfection.

4. This spirit knows not of disease, pain, suffering or death.

5. This spirit will heal any negative concept in the mind or body that humankind can concoct.

Monthly Affirmation: I am in perfect health. I eat right and exercise daily.

Faith Healing #1

Hocus pocus or reality? For those of us who are suffering from ill health or a disease, we feel the pain and all we want is relief. Our loved ones around us know only one thing - get us to a doctor quick. This is good, but a doctor can only cure the symptom not the cause. Invariably, the symptoms come back. Why?

Each person who suffers from ill health has usually fallen victim to a specific ailment. This specific ailment is the result of some obstruction in the Conscious Mind or some false or erroneous idea.

When we heal the body by mental and spiritual treatment, we do not treat the body (leave this to the medical doctor); we treat the Conscious Mind. This is paramount to understand. One cannot get rid of a result without first getting rid of the cause. The cause is always in the Conscious Mind. Disease and bodily ailments are the result of the Conscious Mind’s activities.

It would take a thousand lifetimes to reveal the specific mental disturbances that cause each disease because the causes are buried deep in our Subconscious Mind. However, we need not bother. All things spring from a perfect source. We need only contact this source and allow it to manifest its perfection through our bodies.

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