Athaliah, daughter of Jezebel

novel by

Mordechai Landsberg

Smashwords Edition

Copyright © 2012 Mordechai Landsberg

All Rights Reserved.



Ahab, the greatest king of northern ten tribes of Israel, was seated in his chariot, leading a small royal caravan of four vehicles and ten horseriders. The galloping horses caused the chariots to dangle on the mountenous Royal Way, leading from Samaria toward Jerusalem. It was a colorful spring in the country. The fields blossomed by dotted red anemones and poppys and stains of yellow grounsel flowers. In each chariot there was at least one armed guard, and the escorting horseriders had swords in their scabbards, as well as bows and arrows loaded on their horsebacks. Though it was a peaceful time, the king was suspicious and cautious along the way.

The eyes of his daughter, Athaliah, a daring seventeen teenager, were searching for some action. She hoped that first time in her life she would see sideways’ robbers, that she had heard about. But those villains had seemingly disappeared. Her mother Jezebel, sitting beside her in the carriage, argued that they all were having now better businesses.

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