TDROMC The Dirt Roads of Madison County

By Jack L. Henderson

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2010 Jack L. Henderson

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The Dirt Roads of Madison County

Road of Confusion

Chapter 1

Brow Activates

The ground where he lay was wet. The scent rising from it foretold of eons of things dead long, long ago. This was only one of the many times he had breathed this scent. It was almost like an old friend. He welcomed the smell.

He had been working himself, for more than twenty four hours, towards his objective, unable to advance more than a thousand yards.He lay still, unmoving, breathing so shallow were anyone to see him they would question whether this body retained any life. Indeed, would have had to place their fingers on his neck to know but, then know they would, his heart hammered so violently in his chest. He was concerned that someone might possibly hear it and give testimony to his position.The V.C., many times, since his insertion had stumbled within inches of stepping on him but he had remained undetected.

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