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The Long Star


R. Blair Sands

Copyrighted Robert Santee 2011

By R. Blair Sands

Smashwords Edition

All rights reserved

Chapter One

At exactly 3:00 Am., on July 3, 2012, both control room monitors looking at earth in Space Station Alpha’s control center all went to extreme brightness. There were two screens showing the globe of earth. One was for Global Weather Systems, to tell the weather on earth from space; the other was for tracking and command channels between earth control, and Alpha control.

When they went white, the entire control room lit up as if someone had turned on all the lights in the room, which was normally lit by pilot lights of equipment and the subdued atmosphere of red light. The screens made a gradual return to a blank screen, except for some text in the middle that said “Earth Link Lost on the command and tracking unit.”

Second Officer Jose Ferra was sitting at the command console, with his feet propped up on the edge, and just happened to be watching the earth monitors as it happened.

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