Only Time Will Tell

By Jillian Holmes

Copyright 2012 Jillian Holmes

Smashwords Edition

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Year 3012

Joshua Adams, a soldier for the United Nations Army, was just sitting down to lunch when his Colonel called him into his office. Josh was more than apprehensive; he spent the better part of the last four years overseas and he only just returned stateside last week. He wasn’t truly ready to go back overseas, but he knew if his country asked, he wouldn’t refuse. He went quickly to the Colonel’s office; his back straight as a lance and his arms locked in parallel unison with his body. After a rap on the door of the Colonel’s door, Josh heard the Colonel’s voice beckon his entrance.

He opened the door, saluted the man in front of him and after he was put at ease, Josh sat. Colonel Mark Davis was a feared man in Josh’s unit. Josh didn’t particularly like the Colonel, but he respected him, even if only because of the man’s title. Josh had seen the man sitting before him perform unspeakable acts in the name of his country. He thought he was well-liked around the base, but the truth was that no one gave him much respect. Those who knew the truth behind his malicious deeds were downright open with their disrespect. Josh had seen the results of being a smart-ass to the Colonel, though; greater men than Josh had been torn down easily by the Colonel.

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