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A Prophesied Demise

Nitharsha Prakash

Copyright 2012 by Nitharsha Prakash
Published at Smashwords

I lay in my bed, thinking of the day I had. Everyday learning something new kept it interesting. Med school was better than I had imagined. Not as spooky as I feared. Only the ragging was something I worried cause I had no clue what I might encounter in it. Finishing first year was the only thing that mattered now; because once you’re done with it you wouldn’t be getting rag-

You heard what it said. It kind of freaked me out.” I heard from outside my room door.
“You believe it will happen?” This was my roommate.

At first thought I thought they were talking about how a senior ragged them. But I was intrigued by my roommate’s words. I heard more footsteps. There seemed to be some excitation outside my room door. I took my phone and glanced at the time: 11.15p.m. That’s not the time I usually sleep. The only reason I was lying in my bed was to prevent myself from getting ragged as seniors don’t disturb those who sleep……..usually. I wanted to see what was happening but was a little afraid. All voices I heard were my year guys. So assuming it was safe to get out, I went out of my room. There were some guys standing there.

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