The early European explorers profited, when they found gold & Jewels. Before the caravel, A trip overland was the only way to get to get to North America & back again. The Europeans also started new colonies. Christopher Columbus thought that North America was Asia. Spices were also wanted by the people of Europe, as well as silk & other fine cloth. The Europeans decided to settle the new world.

Two of the Indian groups that could be found in the Americas around 1500 were the Mia's & the Inkas. The Mia's made calenders & invented math. They were also were good engineers. The Mia's in present day Mexico. The Inkas lived in present day Peru. They wore gold jewelery so ornate, that it made European kings jealous. The Inkas also had a well structured government.

The activities of Christopher Columbus probably had the most effect on the Native Americans, because of horses & guns. The Indians thought they were fighting the gods


The effect of the Spanish invaders on Native Americans was negative. A system known as encomienda was developed. Based on this system, an Indian family would pay tribute to a white settler. Spain also used the policy of mercantilism. This policy was used to make Spain & the colonies support each other.

The Jamestown Settlement was built on swamp land. It also suffered from construction work sinking into the mud. During the winter, many people froze to death, or were captured by Indians. The Indians would also raid the colonies at night. The proprietary colonies were founded for the following reasons.

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