Erotic Romance Sensual Short Stories

This book contains sexual content that is intended for mature audiences.

Published by and Copyright 2012 by Kat VonWild

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The following short romance stories will bring you a warm tingling feeling and enough romance to light your soul on fire. Each short erotic romance has a man, just for you. Can one air force pilot fulfill a woman's dreams of doing it while a mile high? Between missions, one lonely Navy Seal, wonders will he always come home to find her waiting? Can one Marine be all he can be for his new neighbor? Should a rich sultry woman be picking up a sexy lonely soldier on leave? Can one woman's temptation be revealed by one man's desire to have her? Can a total stranger's kiss wake a sleeping beauty with such a feeling that all she can think about is being kissed just one more time by him? This book is filled with sultry seductive romances that will ignite your erotic fire.

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Taken In Flight

Much better - Again

Tender Touch

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