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    Getting There With Eurostar

    St. Pancras Station, London, England. It was January. It was 35F and it was a million miles away from Florida.

    Jenna curled her cold fingers around her paper coffee cup and closed her eyes, trying to conjure up the heat of a Miami afternoon. If she concentrated hard enough, she could see Wolfe's naked body spread on a white bed, his tanned skin glistening with sweat, his cock hard and ready for action.

    She sighed and opened her eyes again, to see the overworked masses hurrying past her, their skin pale, their bodies swathed in clothes. What had possessed her to accept this assignment in the depths of a European winter? She must have been crazy, to have left Wolfe on his own with all that temptation surrounding him. He wasn't going to be there when she got back, she just knew it. A guy like him, who could have anyone he wanted, male or female, was hardly going to stick around while she raced around Europe on the whim of some stupid magazine editor.

    She glanced across the station concourse at all those sad, busy people and her eyes suddenly settled on a man standing still and alone. He was tall and broad, in an expensive wool coat. Dark, short hair and very blue eyes she noticed as he suddenly looked straight at her. He gave her a slow and lazy smile. Her pussy leapt happily beneath her tight pencil skirt. Wow, maybe there were some advantages to your lover being on the other side of the Atlantic after all. It was a shame her train was due to depart in thirty minutes. Even so, she held his gaze and shifted slightly in her chair, crossing her legs slowly so he could have a good view of her stocking clad legs and new high-heeled shoes, bought especially for Paris. It worked, because his eyes wandered downwards and she saw he was lost for a moment.

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