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It is 10:30am: The winter sun is now reaching her desk from the left side and she smiles at the cheerful thought. In an hour, her cubicle will warm up slightly and she will have to ClickOn air level 2 for her individual comfort. High above, both under the Ceiling and around the Walls, there is an elaborate system of air pipes that meticulously and accurately filters the ambient air. The city temperature varies according to the season to match, to a certain extent, the outdoor atmosphere but it is never too hot or too cold. In a Glass City, to achieve an acceptable uniform result, the air pipes are moving constantly while changing directions. Amazingly, they can be connected, disconnected, or shortened instantly with only a slight hum.

Christine usually arrives at the office 15 minutes before the official time. She likes it this way because it is very quiet and in these few minutes she is free to do what she wants. She checks her face in the small mirror while pouting her mouth: lipstick, make-up, hair bang - everything is in place, I am set for the day - I don’t want to give it another thought. Sometimes, she listens to tune samples from Norzama; all others music sites are blocked by the Department but somehow, this site is not. While she listens to music, she checks the official quitting time for the day on the Sunrise and Sunset time table. Then she reads the dailies, saving out offline on her wrist-screen interesting articles, catchy pictures, and of course number games and crossword puzzles to do at home in the evening.

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