Andy and Adam

A long, ­long time ago, far far away, in a very hot and sunny desert, filled with sand, there lived a huge family of Ants. Every day the hot sun shone down on the desert and for a very long time there hadn’t been any rain. The Ants lived in a home, under the sand, named a colony and were ruled by a mighty King called Julian.

King Julian was the greatest king ever in the history of Ants; he was very clever and wise and had two sons, Prince Andy the elder ant and Prince Adam the younger ant.

As King Julian grew older, he needed to choose which one of his sons was going to become King, but it was a very difficult decision, how could he pick only one of his two sons – he loved them equally. He thought about nothing else but still could not decide on one or the other.

That night he had a nightmare! The dream scared him and he decided to share his dream with the ants the very next day.

The next day King Julian called for a meeting of the whole colony. Once all of the Ants had arrived, he began to speak.

“My fellow Ants” he said, “I wanted to talk about the annual Sun Festival we are planning to have next week. But before that, I would like to talk about something else”, the King sighed and continued, “As you know we haven’t had any rain in ages. And in many ways it is a good thing, as when there is no rain, we are able to go outside our colony and find food every day. However,” the King paused; and looked at the crowd. All the Ants including Prince Andy and Price Adam waited with baited breath to see what the King would say next…

“However, last night I had a terrible dream. It was such a bad nightmare it has made me afraid for all of us!” All of the Ants were stunned to hear those words! The mighty King was afraid?

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