Chapter 24 - The dark of dawn

Chapter 25 - Trial by Fire

Chapter 26 - Sunshine at last

Chapter 27 - Another Lonsdale's ordeal

Chapter 28 - Last Remembrances


Author: AJ Asher

Chapter 1 – Ugly goes Bad

STARCOMM Mobile Command Center Starpoint 3: Lift Minus 45 days - 14:20 hours

Lieutenant General W. Bruce (Bulldog) Delvany, Commander of StarComm's ReGone sector, checked his watch. He had just enough time. Though he would have never admitted it, Bulldog was anxious. In two years of war with the Lin-Teye Earth had not managed a single decisive victory. Those had gone to the Lin-Teye – every single one. And far worse in Bulldog’s mind was the growing difference between Sector combat losses and combat replacements. That difference was becoming ominous. And now, little more than ten days after Earth’s largest strike into Lin-Teye space, StarComm was holding an emergency meeting. Bulldog was not anticipating good news.

At thirty-nine years old General W. Bruce Delvany was the youngest Sector Commander in all of StarComm. He was also one of its more controversial general officers, though not by deliberate choice. In many circles he was seen as a maverick. It was only his unbroken string of military successes that had prevented the old boy network from derailing his career. While good looking in a rugged way, Bulldog was not a recruiting poster officer. His stocky body radiated power and without knowing his rank, others instinctively moved aside when he wanted through.

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