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Everything’s so nice. Isn’t Mr. Guidry a great boss?”

Hmmm…” Her irritation revived at the mention of his name and she checked her watch. Time’s up.

Hurry, you’ll need to find where you’re sitting.” She ushered the woman toward the dining area where the other guests were searching for their assigned seats. “I believe you are over here.”

This is so cute.” The woman twirled a place card that was suspended from one of the miniature Guidry Construction cranes in her hand. “Here I am!” She flopped into the open chair and nearly pulled the deep blue and silver linen and all six cranes from the table.

Good.” Darcey patted the woman’s shoulder and straightened the linen as other guests began filling the empty seats. “Good.” She plastered a tight smile on her face and inwardly groaned.

As if on cue the wait staff of the Hayden Court Hotel dressed in crisp black slacks, white shirts and the signature Hayden deep reddish-purple vests moved through the guests with the grace of a dance company serving the first of three courses. Fortunately, she had handpicked this crew for their professionalism and knew they wouldn’t grimace even if they were filling empty glasses with water, tea or soda.

Mr. Guidry had ordered the bar closed when dinner was served, leaving the wait staff with a fifteen percent loss in tips. Not even the snorting giggle of the bubbly brunette could make her pretend to smile about that, not even for just a little bit.

Her lips crinkled down into a frown.

From the first moment he’d stepped into the Hayden Court lobby two hours before his scheduled arrival time, expecting his room to be ready, Vincent Guidry had been making her crazy. Not more than five minutes after his early arrival the lines on her office phone had lit up with pleas and bribes from the girls at the front desk begging to be assigned as his VIP concierge. She had no time to deal with them and rummaged around frantically for her research notes to make her customary VIP welcome call. Then she was dismissed by Mr. Guidry and told he was pushing the afternoon meeting up by an hour.

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