No Man Left Behind

by Shyla Colt

Cursed Copyright 2012

Shyla Colt

Smashwords Edition

Cover by Angelina Rain

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We want to say a heartfelt thank you to everyone who bought this book. This was a true labor of love, and we hope we gave you a glimpse at the life of a military member, their spouses, and families. You've all helped a military member in need, and for us, that's the greatest gift you could give. Semper Fidelis.

Repairing his Soul

Chapter One

Tonight was her night. Carly had spent all of high school and college pining over Trevor Martin, and now that he was coming home for leave after enlisting in the United States Marine Corps, she was going to make her move. Mainville was a small town, so they were welcoming their hometown hero back in style. A parade was being held in his honor where he would be the star, coupled with a celebration in the community center. She checked her shiny black curly hair with golden highlights and smiled. The sultry style framed her oval-shaped face and the golden streaks brought out the amber tones in her brown eyes. The soft-spoken bookworm with braces and hideous glasses was gone. In her place was the confident, attractive woman she'd matured into. Not that Trevor had ever treated her any different from the pretty, popular girls he always ran with. That was a part of his appeal.

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