"A friend said he just devoured this book. The book devoured me instead. A great adventure story and so much more: it immersed me into Ancient Europe, Greece & Persia...The book is a river ever increasing in speed, strength and cross currents until I, the swimmer, am trapped, happily. Damn You Jack England! Can't wait for your next one!" - Michael Mckay

"I was looking to try something a bit different to my usual reading genre, so I thought I would give this book a try - by page 5, I was hooked!...The English is rich and there are good layers of complexity. Full of war, history, violence and sex... I can say one hundred percent that I loved it!" - Sara Bagshawe

"Take two Northern barbarian princes and place them in 5th century BC Athens at the time when Darius of Persia is about to teach the pesky Athenians a lesson and you have yourself the makings of a good story. If you can write as well as Jack England can you have the makings of a terrific story...Athens, its leaders, its citizens, Luke, his comrades, his lovers - all are brought vividly to life. Life at sea, the sounds and the smells of the marketplace and the terror and exhilaration of battle come bursting through the prose." - Gerard Casey



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