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Performing Under Pressure

- an erotic short story -

Office Scandals Series

Book 1

By Eva Martel

Smashwords Edition


Twitter: @EvaSMartel

Copyright 2012 Eva Martel.

Cover design by Eva Martel.

Samantha posed awkwardly at the door labeled “Nathan Gales – Marketing Team Leader”, white knuckles raised in mid-air, as if time froze just as she was about to knock. Her stomach was in knots. She had received the meeting request from him this morning by email. Short and to the point: Samantha, 5pm in my office, performance discussion. Nathan. All day she had been fidgeting, chewing on her nails, and unable to concentrate for fear of what was coming. There was no doubting her performance had been poor of late. She had barely made it through her college exams in one piece, and work had suffered. But she desperately needed this part-time job – she had tuition to pay, not to mention rent, bills and expensive textbooks. Plus, her business degree would be meaningless without this work experience. Bluewater Consulting was one of the largest providers of IT services in the state and she was counting on it to boost her CV.

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