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What Does God Look Like In An Expanding Universe?


Edited by Jim Schenk

Smashwords edition, copyright 2012


License Notes: All rights reserved. Copyright 2012. No portion of this book may be reproduced by any means without permission of the publisher. Edited by Jim Schenk. With Contributions From: Thomas Berry, Joan Namacy, Edgar Mitchel, Miriam Therese MacGil, Brooke Medicine Eagle, Matt Fox, Brian Swimmer, Rosemary Ruether. Jacket and book design by Michael J. Frazier; Illustrations by Marion C. Honors, C. S. J.

“After being away for some years as a conscious social reference, it seems that the “God” referent is coming back into focus. Thus the need for Jim Schenk’s fascinating collection of briefly-worded ideas about God from a wide array of thinkers, activists, and artists. Most amazing is the variety of ways in which the divine makes itself known to human consciousness, as manifest in this challenging volume.”

Thomas Berry

Who is God? Why are we on earth? What happens after we die?

Advancements in Science and Technology have stretched our understanding of the Universe to the very edge of comprehension, leading many of us to revisit some of humanity’s most ancient questions.

What Does God Look Like In an Expanding Universe? brings together the exciting ideas, images and thoughts of scientists, theologians, thinkers and writers of our time, who have been grappling with the questions of God, Life and Death in an expanding Universe.

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