Author’s note: This story was originally written for the Erotic Stories and Toys writing contest. Because of their size limitations, I had to remove scenes from the story and pare down the wording. In February of 2011, I replaced that shortened version with the one you see now, which has the removed scenes added back in, more descriptive phrasing, and a completely rewritten sex scene at the end. I hope the additions make it more engaging.

# # #

Rachel sat down on her friend’s desk, holding her hand behind her back and wearing a Cheshire grin on her face. Lori, in the middle of typing a sentence, glanced up and stopped.

Don’t tell me,” said the girl, smiling up at her friend, “You got another one?”

Rachel pulled her hand from behind her back, waving a folded piece of fancy stationery.

Lori emitted a quiet squeal and reached for it, “Lemme see!”

Rachel pulled it back slightly, out of her friend’s reach. “Hey, this is private. Just for me.”

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