Lords Of The Dark Fall 2:


C.A. Nicks

Smashwords Edition

Copyright © 2012 C.A. Nicks

Copyright © 2012 C.A. Nicks

Full copyright notice at end of story

Edited by Lisa Greer

First Published 2012


Marcellus, former immortal prince of Anxur is desperately searching for his brother Fabian and despairs of ever finding him. Until the day he wanders into a museum to get out of the rain and bumps into archaeologist Cassandra Evans… 108,000 words. Please note, UK English spelling.


The museum was quiet today. Just the two of them and one other visitor peering into a display case on the other side of the marbled hall. Cassandra Evans spared the man only a fleeting glance before following her excited nephew to his favourite exhibit. The culmination so far of her life's work.

"The falling man plates. I want to see your falling man plates." The small child could barely see into the display case. Eagerly he rose on tip-toe, pressing his nose to the glass. Behind him, his aunt looked on indulgently.

"They're not my plates, sweetie. Wish they were. Aunt Cassie was just lucky enough to be the one to find them. Aren't they beautiful?"

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