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(Which You Don’t Have to Read)

These two novels, Daughter of Exile and The Divided Crown, have the weirdest publishing history of anything I’ve ever written.

When I wrote them, I wanted to get back to my love of traditional fantasy, to create a secondary world, to play with invented customs and religions and history and magic. I wanted to write a story where magic is something wild, numinous, unchecked by rules. (In my magical school, for example, the Masters at the College of Magicians don’t know everything.) I wanted novels that were adventurous, and fun.

I was, well, disconcerted when I found out that the publisher was planning to market them as Romantic Fantasy -- disconcerted not because I dislike the category, but because my books didn’t fit it at all. There are romances in the books, of course, but they are by no means the main focus.

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