He is looking at me now. He says, “My name is Chuck. Do you mind looking at my face and not at my balls? I have feelings you know.” “Well sorry, Chuck I was trying to figure what to do next. Would you mind getting a cup of coffee Chuck?” “Well yes, I would mind. I don’t like coffee; I would rather have a beer any day.Even if it’s at 10 am in the morning.” “Ok, Chuck, let’s go get some beer; it has to be a light beer, by the way.” We walk around the block.

We finally get to his motorcycle. We get on his motorcycle. He starts the motorcycle. He says, “You probably ought to hold on to me, so you won’t fall off.” I grab a hold of his waist. I hold on for dear life. We go on our way to find a bar in this small town in Texas. We finally find the bar after 10 minutes of looking everywhere. We go inside the bar and I’m thinking maybe I should have worn jeans and a t shirt instead of this blue dress, I am wearing now. Everyone is suddenly looking my way.

I’m feeling nervous, not sure what to do. Chuck says to me, “Don’t pay any attention to them, they are already drunk as skunks.” I slowly move around the crowd of drunks. Chuck steers us towards a table in the back. We get to sitting down at the table. The waitress comes over to our table and takes our order. The waitress leaves with enough stuff to order for us, you would think there was an elephant eating with us. “What is your name by the way lady?” “My name is Melissa Story. I have lived in Texas all of my life, I love it here in the summer. In the winter time, I love going on vacation to Hawaii.”

Well that’s great Melissa; I usually just go to bars and go to biker rallies. You should go to the biker rallies, they are pretty tough and rough sometimes. I enjoy watching the bonfires at night. I miss not having someone there with me. I always see some people having sex in the back of a pickup truck. It hurts, because I lost my wife to cancer a few years ago. She had colon cancer. She never told me, she was hurting inside. I keep thinking that if she had told me, maybe she would still be alive today.” “You can’t think like that Chuck. There’s some reason things happen, we don’t understand why, but god knows.” The waitress comes back with a dark red drink for him and a glass of light beer for me.

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