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Wet Rushing

Sofia Bane

Copyright November 2012, Sofia Bane

Smashwords Edition

I wanted more than anything to be a Kappa. Kappa Eta Beta was the most exclusive sorority at my school, and for good reason: they had serious networking opportunities, with women who had gone on to be politicians, business executives, Wall Street hotshots. But my rush turned out to be so much more than I’d ever anticipated. Let me explain.

I was leaving a student government meeting on one sunny afternoon, walking down a side alley toward the nearest bathroom, when a white panel van squealed up beside me. “Fiona!” someone boomed into the van’s mic. “You’re under Kappa arrest!”

The panel van’s side slid open and a gaggle of women in masks (ridiculous pink masks, I should add) surrounded me, shoving me inside. “Good luck!” some of them wished me. “You’ll need it!” others rejoined. Then one of them behind me handcuffed my wrists, dropped a blindfold over my face, and slammed the door behind me. And then I thought, but couldn’t be certain, that I was alone.

Hello?” I ventured, my voice only shaking slightly.

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