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Santa’s Little Red Spaceship

By H. Jason Schulz

Published by H. Jason Schulz at Smashwords

Copyright©2010 H. Jason Schulz

Way, way in the future, when our planet had finally perfected space travel, we found that our galaxy was full of other inhabited planets. Almost all of those planets were filled with friendly people. As we began to visit them, they in turn visited us; we found that before long all of the planets started to celebrate Christmas.

This was great because everyone likes Christmas right? I say it was great for everyone but Santa Clause. He suddenly had many thousands of worlds to get to each Christmas. He had to move his entire North Pole operation out into the galaxy and onto a little frozen planet just east of the North Star. From this new location he was able to set up many giant factories that produced millions of kinds of toys, and it was easier for him to reach all of the new planets that started to celebrate Christmas.

To help him deliver these toys he employed a giant spaceship that was called Big Blue. Big Blue was a very large and powerful ship and he liked working for Santa. Every year the elves would load up Big Blue with millions of tons of toys for all the children in the galaxy. They also loaded Santa's sleigh and all the reindeer inside Big Blue. Then on Christmas Eve big blue would set out to all the planets of the galaxy and help Santa deliver all those toys to all the children in all the worlds.

One year, when Santa and Big Blue were on their way to deliver all those toys, they happened upon a little red space ship floating next to a small moon.

“Whoa there Big Blue!” Santa said as they approached the small moon. “Look at that.”

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