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To my love who has given me new strength

Thank you Sue

All my love always

About this Book

This is the true story of Andrew, who came from a seafaring family and ran away to sea at the age of fifteen. Although most of his family served in the Royal Navy, Andrew joined the Merchant Navy.

During his twenty- five years at sea, Andrew sailed an amazing four million miles, covering the entire globe . . . sometimes to places you may never have heard of, and adventures that may sound impossible, yet true.

He served on over 69 different vessels of all types, from vessels of 600 tons to vessels over 500,000 tons. There were cargo vessels, gas carriers, U.L.C.C, massive oil tankers, passenger ships - from the queens to immigrant liners. He sailed cruise liners, cable vessels, laid telephone lines across the Atlantic and Antarctic, discovery ships, oil platform vessels and many others. Some of the stories will make you cry and some will give you a good laugh; some are tragic.

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