The Adventures of Maurice DeMouse

by Grandma Sharon

The Gift of Friendship


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The snow had just stopped falling as Maurice curled up in his soft bed of leaves that he gathered in the fall. But Maurice couldn’t stay asleep.

He shook his little mouse body, wiped the sleep from his tiny mouse eyes, stretched his little mouse legs, and wiggled his skinny little mouse tail.

Wicky-Wacky-Whoa! I’m ready to go!” said Maurice.

As he peeked out from his mouse hole under the snow-covered firelogs, he saw a beautiful, dark blue sky filled with bright twinkling stars and a full moon. The air was still and there was no sound. It was one of the most quiet nights the little mouse had ever experienced. Even the owls weren’t hooting and the coyotes weren’t howling at the moon as they did most nights.

As morning approached, Maurice saw something beautiful in the nearby forest. The evergreen trees where the little mouse and his friends liked to play were glowing with tiny little lights. And standing nearby was a man wearing a red suit with nine reindeer pulling a large sleigh. One reindeer had a bright red nose! It was magical.


T’was the night before Christmas, the world was at peace,
and one creature was stirring: a mouse named Maurice.

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