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You’re probably reading this with some idea of what you’d like to change, accomplish, or achieve in your life. You might have visions of a new career, weight loss, accomplishing a physical goal, or some idea of what success means to you. You probably have some pictures in your mind about what you’d like to achieve, but you need a method of how you can move from right here to that desired future of success, accomplishment, and a more meaningful life.

Positive thoughts, wishes, and journals full of dreams just won’t get it done. I know – I’ve done those methods too. What works, what I have personally proven to work, is project management. This is a logical approach that demands dedication and commitment to identified activities to achieve your goals. You’ll need to invest your time, your energy, and yourself to make your goals a reality.

Many people have a safe, distant vision of what their life could be like; it’s sad, because they often think these are just things that are for other people. They imagine happiness, a fulfilling job, love, fitness, and rewarding experiences – all for other, smarter, better people. What they’re missing is that they too can have these things in their life, but it won’t happen on accident.

You know that you are alive, but you might question if you’re really living. Why shouldn’t you have what you want in reality too? Why shouldn’t your life be full of joy and bliss? Get this simple truth right now: this moment is your life. Your life is now. Every moment you waste through daydreaming, ignoring your goals, putting others down, and giving your time to distractions are moments you’ll never recover. Your life is made up of moments that you’ll never see again. Money is a two-way street, but time only goes one way.

What you do with your time speaks depths about you. Has anyone ever asked what you do? They want to know about your career and how you sell your time. Obviously work is a big part of your life, but it’s not your whole life. And projects? Doesn’t it seem that everyone is on a project of some sort?

While this book uses the premise of project management to help you reach your goals and dreams, keep one thing in mind from this point forward: it’s really all about you. I’ve learned in my life that the tools of project management can be leveraged in the business world, but also in the more exciting, personal world.

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