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Inspirational Stories - Set 2

Smashwords Edition

Copyrights 1980 - 2009 - 2011

by Dorothy Paula Freda

(Pseudonym - Paula Freda)

Bookcover - licensed photo -

All rights reserved.

Inspirational Stories - Set 2

The Good People

A Cup of Humanity

A Mortal Man (Shannon & the Angel)

The Intangible

The Lord's Canine

The Good People

by Paula Freda

(In a world where greed often overshadows kindness,

here is a story to touch any hardened soul.)

She was ancient, her eyes shrunken, and barely open. Dr. Thomas Kierney wondered how long since she had last eaten. Her wrist, which he held to feel her pulse, was only slightly thicker than the tubing of safety bed rail he had just lowered to examine his new patient.

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