Pregnant Professor

by Belle Hart

Author's note: All sexually active characters depicted in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older.

Copyright 2012 by Belle Hart

All rights reserved.

Trudie, we are so excited!

The text is from my mother. I just told her I’m pregnant. I already talked with her on the phone for an hour about it, but apparently she has more to say.

I’m single and 40, so my parents had given up on having grandchildren. Now they will have one. I’m only 4 months pregnant at the moment, just starting to see my stomach pooch out. The father is a student of mine at the university. Former student. He graduated a couple months ago.

His name is Jackson. Tall, handsome, athletic. Brown hair and eyes. I think I freaked him out. We had a one-night stand and then I told him I was pregnant. He’s only 21. I guess I didn’t really expect him to stick around. Just kind of hoped.

I get up and pour myself another glass of water. Then I curl up on the couch again. It’s a warm summer night. I have the windows open. I can hear wind chimes from the neighbor’s back porch. It’s kind of nice. I’m watching a sitcom, but not really watching it. I don’t focus very well lately. I’m too busy wondering how I will make this work.

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