Book: Teach Yourself German

Author: Niranjan Jha

Publisher: Cromosys Publication

ISBN: 9781301878680

Price: $5.00

Date: December 2012


Cromosys Publication’s Teach Yourself German book is an optimal quality guide to the beginners as well as advanced learners. German is the language of great demand after English because it is widely spoken in many European countries. Language is the pillar of human origin and evolution, and so, even many other languages of the world died in this century, but German is still surviving and flourishing because of its strong root in the human culture and civilization. Moreover, the entire grammar of German is the base of English grammar.

This book is unmatchable and unique of its kind that guarantees your success. The lessons and study materials exclusively designed are based on my fifteen years of research in linguistic field. The text, audio and video are magnificently powerful to bring you into educational light. Whether your intention is to travel abroad or plunge deep into your research, if you need to learn a language, then German is the best choice. Around eight years ago, when I went to the USA, I got a chance to learn it, and since then I have been teaching this language globally with high exposure. Having been communicating with German-speaking people around the world while managing a team in several call centers and being able to understand linguistic science, I would like to assure you that this language is easy to learn in just one moth of daily practice. And once learnt, with your sharpened bilingual ability you can make your way of success without any hindrance. After you start the lesson of this book, you don’t need to worry about anything but just follow each and everything carefully. Don’t procrastinate, over-confide or give up. You are going to do the most beautiful thing for yourself, so be bold enough to complete all the lessons. The sentence constructions of German are similar to English, only a few things which are not similar, I have explained properly in the easiest method I could ever find. The pronunciation of each word is given in bracket so that you can speak it correctly.

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