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Man in the Corner

A Holiday Story

By Kristine Lowder

Copyright 2012 Kristine Lowder

Smashwords Editon

Smashwords Edition, License Notes

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He thumped down the stairs, stuffing one small foot and then another into snow boots.

"Where are you off to on such a cold, cold day?" his mother smiled as the youngster landed on the bottom stair. Buttoned, mittened, scarved and jacketed, eight year-old Josiah mumbled something about building a snowman with Mr. Tom. "Alright," his mother said, kneeling to adjust his scarf. The sky hung out folds of gray like wrinkled sheets. "Be sure to keep an eye on the weather" Mae Taylor advised. "It may snow some more."

Josiah Taylor opened the door and a gust of something warm and wonderful, heavy on the cinnamon, teased his nose. He threw a glance toward his neighbor's house. Sure enough, "Mr. Tom" was just removing his apron and oven mitt. "Just you wait and see the snowman me and Mr. Tom build!" Josiah whooped as he ran outside.


The divorce was messy. David and his lawyers saw to that. If I never see another motion for the rest of my life, it'll be too soon.

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