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Paranormal Romance
A Short Story

Yari Garcia
Copyright 2012 by Yari Garcia
Smashwords Edition


My name is Mike, and I'm ordinary. Ordinary Mike. Even my name isn't unique. I know three other “Mikes” in my grade alone, and there's nothing that makes me stand out from them. I blend into the background with my short brown hair, brown eyes, and pale skin. Simple. Ordinary. Normal.

I hate it.

Or at least, I hate it now. I haven't always hated being so ordinary, so normal. Not until I met Lilly. Beautiful, sugar-vanilla scented Lilly. She's a freshman at my school, just like I am. I never thought such a pretty girl would take any interest in me, but we've been friends ever since she arrived in my biology class. She's a redhead with a penchant for sketching, singing, and reading. That's where my problem rears it's ugly head. Lilly absolutely adores the book series Love Fang. It's about a girl who falls in love with an extraordinary guy that can turn into a wolf. He's athletic, handsome, and mysterious. And most of all, he's a freaking werewolf! It's Lilly's favorite book series and she loves the movies as well. She always sighs dreamily as she turns the pages, her wrist decorated with the movie's bracelet. Just like every other girl who reads the books, she is enamored with the lead werewolf guy.

So why would she like an ordinary guy like me? What would she see in me? I can't turn into anything. My peach fuzz can't rival the lead actor's wolf-like sideburns. My short hair is nothing compared to that protagonist's mane. He's absolutely everything I am not.

My friends say I am friendzoned, whatever that means. As if I could just date a girl without getting to know her first! And anyway, I don't mind being Lilly's friend. I just have a huge crush on her and wish we were something more. I hear every word she has to say and I even go with her to the movie premieres, even though I don't care much for them...

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